34th African Union for Housing Finance Conference & AGM 2018

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Lieu: Azalaï, Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire
Organisateur: African Union for Housing Finance   Contacter
Infoline: +27 (0) 11 447 9581

34th AUHF Conference & AGM 2018/
This year’s African Union for Housing Finance Conference under the theme, “Building Africa’s Housing Financing Chain” brings together key players in Africa’s housing and finance industries to explore the points where they meet. Focusing on the different stages where finance comes to play in the delivery and management of affordable housing, the conference will bring together investors and financiers, developers, building material suppliers, professionals and policy makers to deliberate on the challenges and explore opportunities. Case studies from across the continent will be presented, with specific focus on the issues these raise for the UEMOA region.

Co-hosted by the AUHF, the Making Finance Work for Africa (MFWA), International Finance Corporation (IFC), Caisse Régionale De Refinancement Hypothécaire (CRRH-UEMOA), and African Development Bank (AfDB),the conference will conclude with an Abidjan Declaration, to be signed by the members of the African Union for Housing Finance, setting out key issues for attention to build Africa’s housing financing chain at all its levels.


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